Graphik: Mobiles Krankenhaus

Mobile hospital

CADUS is building a mobile hospital. Mobile, because those regions in northern Syria and Iraq, where people have to fight the IS, are still populated and the battled front is shifting constantly. Areas liberated from IS, have no functional infrastructure, especially no medical one.

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Graphik: Seenotrettung

Search and rescue

The year 2016 – the causes for flight remain high, the routes are getting more dangerous and people still die at the Mediterranean. Because there are no secure and legal possibilities for refugees to leave their countries, out of despair they take bigger risks and longer ways to get to Europe. 

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Graphik: Paramedic-Ausbildung

Paramedic training

The health care system in the region of Rojava in northern Syria has been destroyed by four years of civil war. Medical professionals have either fled or fell victim to the civil war. Since September 2014, CADUS sends medical teams into the region, primarily to support the hospital in Serekaniye.


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Graphic: tools

Technical rescue

Imagine you just had a car accident and you’re badly injured and trapped inside your car. Instead of rescue workers, civilians arrive at the scene and try to free you from the wreckage with their bare hands. Instead of having professional equipment at hand, some mechanic will have to use the most rudimentary means to free you. And that is only if you’re lucky.

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Graphic: Water


No Life without water – the UN estimates a minimal water demand of 50 liters per day per person, including 5 liters of drinking water. For most people in regions of crisis or disaster this would be pure luxury.

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Graphic: Data


The coordination of supporting organizations is one of the biggest challenges in disaster aid. Disrupted mobile communication and lack of internet reduce communication possibilities to conventional encounters on an individual level. This complicates the coordination between organizations and the reasonable division of technological and medical tasks.

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