Ready to roll!

It was a long process with a lot of ups and some downs, but now it`s done: the departure date of our “Mobile Hospital” is set!

It all started with the idea, to deliver emergency help to Syria and Northern Iraq. During the exciting times, that followed, we had the pleasure to meet a lot of great people, learn new things every day and we experienced the power of solidarity.

Our original plan to send the “Mobile Hospital” this summer couldn`t be fulfilled unfortunately. The main reason was our struggle to ensure the previous financing. With a way smaller budget than expected we started and with a lot of DIY we managed to implement our project - with a delay, but now we the Mobile Hospital is ready to leave!

This weekend the trucks of the Mobile Hospital will be loaded, to start their journey to Syria and Northern Iraq, where the medical system does nearly not exist any more. We are very happy and would like to take the chance to thank all our great supporters. Together we can move a lot - for now, it will be a “Mobile Hospital” to Syria and Northern Iraq.

Verfasser*in: von Jonas Grünwald

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