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Developing Story: Saving Lives

From an early time, Sebastian Jünemann was driven to work in emergency medicine, but couldn’t see himself spending a lifetime in the German medical system. He founded CADUS, a Berlin based organization engaged in saving lives through medical and rescue missions. They are active in the Mediterranean Sea on sea rescue missions, as well as in Syria and Northern Iraq with medical treatments, trainings and recently they built a mobile hospital. In this dossier we will follow CADUS’ mission throughout the year 2017.


More From Adelaide to Iraq: Meet one of the young Australians helping rebuild lives after ISIS

This time last year, Priya Pavri was working in war-torn regions of Iraq, while under the siege from Islamic State militants.

ABC News


Rebuilding Mosul’s cultural architecture

In her work with German NGO CADUS, Adelaide’s Priya Pavri is working to rebuild the cultural tapestry of recently liberated Iraqi city Mosul alongside its physical reconstruction.

The Adelaide Review


Detroit Area Photojournalist Captures Haunting Images of Battle of Mosul

Detroit area photojournalist Kenny Karpov was in Mosul during the final days of the Battle of Mosul. He debriefs the crumbling state of the city with Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson.

wdet 101.9fm


No Escape From Mosul, and Unlikely Chance of Surrender

Michael R. Gordon, a Times correspondent, went with the Iraq counterterrorism force to the old city of Mosul, where Islamic State fighters are hemmed in and civilians are trapped.

The New York Times