An End to the dying in the Mediterranean!

Cadus is initiating the operation "Mind 'n' Rescue". Starting from today, Cadus will be a part of an international crew on the rescue cruiser "Minden" provided and operated by the lifeboat gGmbh. Thereby, we are supporting the effort of the civilian organization to rescue refugees in need of the Libyan and Tunisian coast.


The implementation of the EU-Turkey deal makes it virtually impossible for refugees to enter Europe over the Greek Islands today. Since then, the number of refugees trying to cross the central Mediterranean Sea from Libya and Tunisia has spiked. This route is known for being notoriously deadly. A reflection of this reality is the recently salvaged refugee ship by the Italian navy with over 800 dead refugees.


Therefore, we will extend our commitment for civil sea rescue and from now on operate beside Lesbos also in the central Mediterranean Sea.

Hence, we have launched the operation "Mind'n'Rescue".  The mission will be run on the traditional rescue cruiser "Minden" administered by the Hamburg-based lifeboat gGmbH. CADUS is supported by a transnational network: in addition to the lifeboat gGmbH crew, the international crew will be made up also by members from the British charity ‘Atlantic Pacific International Rescue Boat Project’ and the Andalusian aid organization ‘Poem-Aid’. CADUS will coordinate and plan all operations of the rescue cruiser „Minden“.


The “Minden” was built in 1985 and served in search and rescue operations from the German island of Sylt until she was removed from active service at the end of 2013. Bought by her new owner, a Hamburg citizen, the “Minden” has been providing rescue services through ‘lifeboat’ gGmbH, who have provided her to CADUS for this operation. We will closely collaborate with other initiatives such as Sea-Watch, SOS-Mediteranne, and Doctors Without Borders.  24 meters in length, the “Minden” is extremely flexible, customized and equipped to recover casualties directly from the sea or smaller boats in distress. This is a huge advantage, as larger rescue vessels must use small lifeboats to recover refugees in need, often in extremely hazardous ‘shuttle’ operations. Thus the "Minden" is a useful complement to the current civilian rescue operations. Due to the limited absorption capacity, we are dependent to cooperate closely with other organization. In collaboration can the sea rescue mission be made larger, more efficient and safer for everyone involved.


The 'Minden' is already in Malta and is departing tonight for its first mission. We hope to make a valuable contribution to the sea rescue mission and in collaboration with other organization will be able to make the passageway over the Mediterrane Sea a less deadly route. Our criticism of the isolationist policy of Europe will continue to exist, as well as our demand for safe escape routes!


Let's stop the dying in the Mediterranean- For a safe passage!

All pictures © Noaz Deshe


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