Search and Rescue operations currently suspended +++ Update: SAR-mission continues! +++

CADUS is operating together with Lifeboat the former sea rescue cruiser “Minden” on the Libyan and Tunisian coasts, as part of the international rescue fleet.

Following the assault on the vessel of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) “Bourbon Argos” in the area of operations, the “Minden” has been moved back to Malta and will stay retired until some light had been shed on the incident, in order to protect the crew complement.

We commiserate with MSF and with the crew of the “Bourbon Argos” and express them our respects for their professional and striking behavior onboard.

In order to be able to ensure future missions in the region, the involved organizations are currently jointly working on the development of a common security plan to eliminate the tangible threats against the crew complements and the people to be saved.

In the context of a common operations plan, it is also crucial to establish a close concertation and coordination between the activities of the civil as well as of the governmental and military marine and air units.

We will push on our rescue missions together with LifeBoat as soon as possible, once every aspect regarding the security will be reset and instructions followed.

In spite of those circumstances, there are still as many refugees as before on the route across the sea, trying to reach the Italian coasts on overcrowded and inadequately supplied rubber boats. Many boats don’t even reach one-tenth of the way to the European continent and are erring on the Mediterranean Sea without nautical infrastructure, until water or gas is missing, or until the boats capsize because of the waves. We will keep doing everything we can not to abandon these people, who are fleeing from expulsion, hunger and death.

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