We are doing this now!

It's been roughly a year since we started to promote our idea of a mobile hospital for the regions North Iraq/ North Syria proactively. A lot has been going on at CADUS since then. By the end of this year we will have the trucks ready to get them on the road. The mobile hospital will be on its way – as soon as possible!


Search and Rescue operations currently suspended +++ Update: SAR-mission continues! +++

+++ Update: SAR-mission continues! +++

CADUS is operating together with Lifeboat the former sea rescue cruiser “Minden” on the Libyan and Tunisian coasts, as part of the international rescue fleet.

Following the assault on the vessel of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) “Bourbon Argos” in the area of operations, the “Minden” has been moved back to Malta and will stay retired until some light had been shed on the incident, in order to protect the crew complement.


An End to the dying in the Mediterranean!

Cadus is initiating the operation "Mind 'n' Rescue". Starting from today, Cadus will be a part of an international crew on the rescue cruiser "Minden" provided and operated by the lifeboat gGmbh. Thereby, we are supporting the effort of the civilian organization to rescue refugees in need of the Libyan and Tunisian coast.


Lifeboats instead of warships! - Sea-Watch and CADUS launch new speedboat in Berlin.

The NGOs Sea-Watch and CADUS announced their latest cooperation by launching their new lifeboat named „H.E. Thomsen" in Berlin today. Godfather of the boat is Syrian YouTube Star Firas Alshater. The project managers sharply criticised the current performance of both the EU and NATO mission in front of the Greek islands.


Saber-rattling in the Aegean Sea

The European Union's policy of isolation enters the next round. Battleships are supposed to fix the situation. Instead of increased militarization, CADUS calls for a political solution that enables legal migration for refugees into the EU.