An airplane at the airport with four people in the front. Two of them carrying a patient stretcher.

Vinnytsia to Dresden: a little boy's unexpected journey

For most of us war is something abstract, something that happens to other people far away from us. But the people in Ukraine are affected by the horribles of war everyday.
Our emergency doctor Mike tells a personal story about a ukrainian boy named R. who was injured from a rocket and who hopefully has the most horrible effects behind him.


Michail Liontiris

A team of medical workers from CADUS between two ambulances.

About the search for the right way

First we hoped: it won't start. Then we thought: maybe it won't take long. Now the hundredth day of Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine has passed, and there is no end in sight.


A transporter in front of a industry building with two people standing at the opened back door of the car.

A mobile workshop for Ukraine

With the mobile Makerspace, an open workshop on wheels, we will be on the road in Western Ukraine over the next few months. There, we will work together with the local population and partner organizations to develop projects that would benefit from the support of craftsmen, tools and materials from Germany.


Ambulances in a row at a platform

Rescue chain

The war in Ukraine continues to claim victims and casualties. Louis, who has been on site as a medic for CADUS, takes us to the train platform in Lviv, where a train with patients from eastern Ukraine is arriving.



Ukraine Update: One ambulance becomes 20

For one month now, we have been on site in Ukraine with a four-wheel drive ambulance and aretransporting patients. At the request of the World Health Organization (WHO), CADUS is now coordinating all international medical evacuations from Ukraine.


Ukraine: CADUS medical team goes on mission

Today, a team from the Berlin-based organization CADUS sets off for southwestern Ukraine. As one of the first German Medic teams, they will provide emergency medical aid on site.


"A woman must always be strong to continue her life."

Farah, who talks to us about her life on the occasion of International Womens Day, has a lot to tell. She works as a translator for CADUS in the Al-Hol refugee camp in northeast Syria and tells us about her work as a teacher, her flight from IS and her dreams.


End hostilities - protect civilian population! Russia-Ukraine conflict

War is back on European soil - 27 years after the end of fighting in Bosnia.
The hope of the last weeks to solve the conflict at the negotiating table has been dashed for the time being. Russian troops have crossed the Ukrainian border, there are reports of shelling from several towns, and the first deaths have been reported.
Ukrainian civilians are trying to get to safety or leave endangered areas.


EMT Mission in Papua - Neu Guinea

Rapid action and early lockdowns have helped Papua New Guinea cope pretty well with the Corona pandemic as compared to other countries. However, with the emergence of the delta variant, case numbers have skyrocketed here as well, and the country has requested international support.


Review of the year 2021

As for most people, Covid-19 remained the defining theme of the year for us. For many, the past two years blur together with all their lockdowns and the less-than-diverse daily pandemic routines. For that reason alone, it's worth taking an evaluative look at the past year of 2021.