Earthquake Response Syria

We have stopped fundraising for earthquake relief in Syria through this channel.
But thanks to your donations we were able to collect an amazing amount of 145.000 € to support the earthquake relief of our partner organization Kurdish Red Crescent (KRC) in northern Syria. Thank you to all donors!

Those who still would like to donate for humanitarian aid for those affected by the earthquake of 06.02.2023 in northern Syria can continue to do so directly via our bank account with the keyword "Earthquake Syria". The aid will be implemented on site by our partner organization KRC.

Donations please to:


Volksbank Berlin

IBAN DE55 1009 0000 2533 5240 04

Important! Purpose of use: Earthquake Syria

If you have any questions regarding donations or if you need a donation receipt don´t hesitate to contact us giving the keyword "Earthquake Syria":

Kurdish Red Crescent workers set up emergency shelters for people in northern Syria made homeless by the earthquake. Photo: KRC