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The city of Hassakeh in northeastern Syria has seen fierce fighting in recent days. Due to the battles of the last days, many thousands of families had to leave their homes in the south of Hassakeh hastily and flee to the north of the city.

Our partner organization KRC is on the road in Hassakeh with mobile teams, providing basic medical care and distributing medicine.

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Fighting in Hassakeh
In recent days, the northeastern Syrian city of Hassakeh has been the scene of fierce fighting. Following a mass breakout from the IS prison there, IS fighters engaged in intense battles with the military of the Kurdish self-administration. For several days, they wrestled with each other for control of the prison and the surrounding neighborhoods. These battles have now almost ended, and the military has regained control for the most part.

Consequences for the population
Residents around the prison have fled from the sudden unrest to northern Hassakeh, where many thousands of families are holding out in sub-zero temperatures in makeshift shelters. They lack basic medicines, food and clothing for the winter. Our partner organization Heyva Sor a Kurd (KRC for short) is on the road in the city with mobile teams, providing basic medical care and distributing urgently needed medication.

The fighting around the prison is slowly coming to a halt, but it is still unclear when the affected parts of the city will be accessible again. Isolated escaped prisoners at large, booby traps and destroyed buildings make the area a proverbial minefield.

We support KRC and the population - help us!

What is my donation going to be used for exactly?

The money donated here is used exclusively to support our partner organization Heyva Sor a Kurd. However, as the situation in Hassakeh is constantly changing, the needs of KRC are chaning too. A few days ago it was medicines, today it is mainly financial means for the transport of the relief supplies that are needed. It is difficult to predict exactly what the money will be used for in the end. However, it is certain that your donation will support Heyva Sor a Kurd and the people in Hassakeh.

Can I just transfer a donation to you via my bank?

Of course! If you want to support us in this matter, just send a donation with the keyword "Syria" to:

Volksbank Berlin
IBAN DE55 1009 0000 2533 5240 04

Why don't you collect the donations via betterplace like you usually do?

Normally, we use the Betterplace donation platform for all our fundraising activities, as we really appreciate the transparency this platform provides us with. Unfortunately, Betterplace is also affected by the sanctions against Syria, as their payment provider has decided not to support payments to this region due to the international sanctions. We are currently working with Betterplace to find a solution.