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Basic Life Support Training for Ambulance Drivers in Dohuk

Target country/region: Kurdish region of Iraq, Dohuk

Period: June - October 2022

In order to expand their scope of action, we train the drivers of the Dohuk region in Basic Life Support measures in cooperation with local authorities.
Drivers of ambulances in the Kurdish part of Iraq usually do not receive any medical training and often cannot provide first aid.


Mobile Crisis Response Makerspace Ukraine

Target country/region: Ukraine

Period: from May 2022

A mobile makerspace, equipped with tools, consumables, and artisans, supports local partner organizations in Ukraine to find solutions to the many infrastructural problems brought about by Russia's war of aggression.


Support of Kabul Luftbrücke

Destination country/region: Islamabad, Pakistan

Period: February 2022


In Pakistan we support Kabul Luftbrücke (Kabul Airlift) with a hygiene concept and medical support. There, evacuees from Afghanistan wait for their papers to enter Germany.