Health for all - with the Life Sensor!

An open source vital parameter monitor for ECG, oxygen saturation, pulse and blood pressure.

Why the Life Sensor is needed

The idea was born when the CADUS Mobile Hospital was deployed in Iraq. Conventional vital parameter monitors hardly withstood the challenging use in heat and dust. Time and again during our missions we see donated devices from a wide range of manufacturers in local health care facilities. These devices are usually incompatible with each other. If one of them breaks, it is almost impossible to repair it on site. Spare parts and technicians must be requested directly from the manufacturer.

In disaster and war zones, financial and logistical barriers make it almost impossible to come into contact with the relevant companies. Therefore, we are developing a kit for vital parameter monitoring. Our project partners in remote areas keep giving us feedback that the provision of such a kit could significantly improve local health care.

What is special about the Life Sensor?

The Life Sensor is designed for remote or financially weak regions. That includes:

  • use of standard components
    The components for the whole device can be purchased locally worldwide.

  • lower costs in comparison to conventional devices.

  • maintenance and repair independently possible
    Complex procurement of proprietary spare parts and cost-intensive support by manufacturers is not necessary, but can be carried out directly by the users.

Documentation and contact

The documentation takes place on Github, there still under the old name of the project: remo2hbo.

The Life Sensor started in April 2017 under the name remo2hbo (robust and repairable vital parameter monitoring in mobile hospitals) as a cooperation between CADUS and the Berlin Universities of Applied Sciences HTW and BeutHS. The Life Sensor is still under construction. The first prototype is almost finished and an iteration is in planning.

Today the project is at home in the CADUS Crisis Response Makerspace. A small community is taking care of the further development of the Life Sensor.


If you want to know more about the Life Sensor, contact us: