Search and rescue

The year 2016 – the causes for flight remain high, the routes are getting more dangerous and people still die at the Mediterranean. Because there are no secure and legal possibilities for refugees to leave their countries, out of despair they take bigger risks and longer ways to get to Europe. Boats constantly capsize on sea and refugees drown. Nevertheless people are still trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in hope of a future in security and peace.

As we can’t expect much support to end the dying in the Mediterranean Sea from the EU, we have to start on our own! Since months CADUS is part of SAR missions in the Mediterranean. We started in the Aegean Sea at Chios and Lesvos, where we stationed two rigid-inflatable boats (RIB). Due to the dirty deal between the EU and Turkey, ending the possibility for refugees to reach Greece, the flight routes changed again to the Central Mediterranean. CADUS is now active there with the operation ''Mind 'n' Rescue''!

Together with LifeBoat gGmbH, the owner of our rescue vessel 'Minden', we are patrolling the Libyan coast line. The Minden is an ex-DZgRS ship, fast and agile, and therefore perfect suited for SAR missions.

Amongst other things we will coordinate the international crew of the Minden. Of course CADUS cooperates closely with other civil rescue organisations on site. Only together we can make the route crossing the Mediterranean a little bit more secure.

You can support us with your donation! Thank you.

Let us end the dying at the Mediterranean – for a safe passage!

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