Humanitarian emergency aid

CADUS in emergency response

CADUS is a humanitarian emergency and disaster relief organization, also known as Emergency Response. We provide rapid and direct support in acute crises to save lives and alleviate suffering. Gaps in supply are bridged until local structures can take over (again).

But it’s not just about helping in the short term. Emergency response must be both forward-looking and sustainable. Prevention and local capacity building in regions affected by war and disasters are important goals. As far as possible, we work directly with those affected and focus on their needs. In doing so, we strictly adhere to internationally recognized humanitarian principles.

CADUS missions usually take place in highly complex contexts and sometimes in active war zones. We have to carefully eveluate every step we take. The protection of helpers and those seeking help has equal priority. Time and again, we go into action where other organizations are not active due to the tense situation.


Current deployment areas

Destruction in Gaza Strip. Photo: UNICEF/Hassan Islyeh,


Period: since February 2024

CADUS has a medical team on the ground in Gaza. The mission is coordinated by the WHO EMT structure. We are the first German Emergency Medical Team to help in the current humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.

The press has reported on our efforts many times.

Ukraine MEDEVAC Team Dnipro August 2023 – Photo: Chris Grodotzki


Period: since March 2022

Our teams provide support in three areas:

MEDEVAC: we carry out medical evacuations with our rescue vehicles

Training: Training for people with and without medical training

Mobile makerspace: reconstruction and creation of accommodation

Former areas of deployment

Northeast Syria

Period: 2014 – 2023

CADUS was active in north-east Syria for nine years. Our biggest project was the field hospital in Camp Al Hol, 2019-2023. Our local employees have founded their own NGO and are continuing the project.

CADUS Mobile Hospital in Mosul, 2017


Period: 2017 – 2023

Trauma Stabilization point in Mosul during the liberation from IS, supported several hospitals with training and equipment, and trained ambulance drivers in first aid.


Period: February 2022

Support for Kabul airlift in the context of the COVID19 pandemic.

Paqua New Guinea

Period: November – December 2021

Shadowing mission and capacity building in local hospitals in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic and on behalf of the WHO.


Period: December 2021

In the short term, we provided medical care for people who were trapped in the border region between Belarus and Poland during the winter.


Period: October to December 2020

On behalf of the WHO, we provided medical care as an Emergency Medical Team in Camp Kara Tepe 2 on Lesbos.


Period: 2020

At the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, we turned our Crisis Response Makerspace into a logistics hub for self-produced masks and face shields.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Period: November 2018 to March 2019

In Sarajevo, we provided care for refugees with our mobile clinic.

Mediterranean Sea

Period: 2016

In cooperation with lifeboat gGmbH, we operated the Minden lifeboat in the Mediterranean and provided a medical team.