Emergency medical care in al-Hawl refugee camp

From now on CADUS supports the establishment of a field hospital in the al-Hawl camp in northeastern Syria. Together with our local partner organization we equip the hospital, train medical staff and will finally take over the operation completely.
This will significantly improve the acute and long-term medical care situation.

Medics for field hospital wanted!

We are urgently looking for medical staff for our field hospital at the al-Hawl camp.
More informations: https://cadus.org/en/support


CADUS is a charitable and independent humanitarian aid organisation. We initiate innovative projects, focussing on needs-based capacity building to help people help themselves. CADUS develops and implements strategic and technical solutions for emergency response by activating our wider networks, and in cooperation with local partners of communities affected by disaster and conflict. Innovations are affordable, repairable, and open source. Direct help in the form of humanitarian aid is offered to affected communities based on their needs. Along with offering direct support, CADUS assesses structural problems and uses its public voice to address these challenges in an effort to make humanitarian aid sustainable and to promote global solidarity.


Lined up helmets and protective vests of our paramedic team in Hawijah, Iraq 2017.

The Geneva Conventions celebrate 70th anniversary. Increasingly the four agreements, which can´t be overestimated in their importance, are losing importance.

Overview over the camp from the roof of the field hospital. To the left some PHC stations from other organizations, to the right warehouses. In the middle the main road to the entrance.

For several weeks, the field hospital in the al-Hol camp has opened. Time for an update.

Bei der Kundgebung vor dem Holzmarkt versammelten sich die Berliner*innen um ihre Solidarität auszudrücken. ©Holzmarkt/Eyecandy

We have to digress some of the humanitarian aid: the Holzmarkt in Berlin is under threat. The last piece of alternative culture on the Spree houses many projects and organizations. Also us.