Emergency Response: about 1800 treatments!

With your help and our mobile medical team we were able to perform about 1800 treatments!
A great success. But the demand is still very high - so please continue supporting us to help the stranded refugees.

This winter our Emergency Response Team is working in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegowina.
Even thou Fortress Europe is an reality, thousands of refugees are stuck in Bosnia under the worst circumstances.


CADUS is a charitable and independent humanitarian aid organisation. We initiate innovative projects, focussing on needs-based capacity building to help people help themselves. CADUS develops and implements strategic and technical solutions for emergency response by activating our wider networks, and in cooperation with local partners of communities affected by disaster and conflict. Innovations are affordable, repairable, and open source. Direct help in the form of humanitarian aid is offered to affected communities based on their needs. Along with offering direct support, CADUS assesses structural problems and uses its public voice to address these challenges in an effort to make humanitarian aid sustainable and to promote global solidarity.


Blick über das nächtliche Sarajevo, Winter 2019 ©Oliver Wolff

An Update about the work of CADUS and the current situation in Sarajevo from Adrian, our Head of Mission for the Emergency Response Bosnia.

In the last week news broke of Croatian police finally being caught red handed during illegal push-backs and violence against refugees. We spoke with Celestine*, from Cameroon, to gather his testimony from an illegal push back that occurred end of October this year on the Bosnian-Croat border near the village of Kladusa. Here are excerpts from the Testimony.

A photo report by Christoph Löffler about fleeing and shelter for the 18th International Migrants Day.
Explanatory notes about the attempt to help people.
And an implicit call for donations.