Solidarity with Rojava!

Turkey is in the middle of its offensive against the population of north-east Syria. There are first fatalities and injured to complain about, the next humanitarian catastrophe is coming.

The pressure on the population of Rojava, who has sacrificed so much in the fight against ISIS, is once again at its zenith. Everything that has been laboriously built up in recent years, such as educational, administrative and health structures, threatens to be destroyed.

Our partners from the Kurdish Red Crescent are doing incredible work and we as well support on the ground where we can to help the injured.

Your donation supports our efforts to help the people of Rojava!


CADUS is a charitable and independent humanitarian aid organisation. We initiate innovative projects, focussing on needs-based capacity building to help people help themselves. CADUS develops and implements strategic and technical solutions for emergency response by activating our wider networks, and in cooperation with local partners of communities affected by disaster and conflict. Innovations are affordable, repairable, and open source. Direct help in the form of humanitarian aid is offered to affected communities based on their needs. Along with offering direct support, CADUS assesses structural problems and uses its public voice to address these challenges in an effort to make humanitarian aid sustainable and to promote global solidarity.


Verena from CADUS and Fee from Heyva Sor with a video statement: since yesterday, all organizations have withdrawn their international teams from northern Syria/Rojava due to the arrival of Syrian government forces. We also had to leave behind our friends and colleagues. Our projects are ongoing and we are working hard to regain access.

Humanitarian Empowerment - Against the Turkish attack in the northern Syrian territories!

It´s happening, the long feared invasion of Turkey is taking place.
As a humanitarian aid organisation, the principle of neutrality requires us not to take a stand in conflicts. But what we can do is talk about facts.

Operation room with equipment at al-Hol field hospital.

Our field hospital is well visited. In addition, we are about to open the expansion with some important features.