CADUS Response - Together against COVID19

Due to the COVID19 crisis we are facing very special challenges in our current projects. We are working intensively to be able to continue the vital work in our field hospital at Camp Al Hol in North-East Syria under the current circumstances.

With our Crisis Response Makerspace in Berlin, we are also supporting local initiatives here to address the current crisis and the resulting unequal distribution of (medical) resources. In addition, we are currently evaluating where CADUS can get active internationally against COVID19. In the current situation, humanitarian emergency aid across borders is extremely difficult, but help is urgently needed. This is because the global inequality of access to (medical) aid has in part been dramatically aggravated by COVID19. If and how we are going into another emergency response in the course of the current crisis, we report in our news section.


CADUS is a non-profit and independent aid organisation with headquarters in Berlin and regional offices in Northern Iraq and Northeast Syria. In our projects we focus on innovation, sustainability, and the development of needs-based local capacities. We work where hardly any other aid organisations are active or where they have withdrawn. Cooperation with local partners is particularly important to us. Together we work on solutions; innovations are made available to the public.

You can find out more about our work on Twitter, Facebook, Betterplace, Youtube, Instagram and here:


Overview of a street in Raqqa in December 2018

For the last two years, our clinic in Raqqa was a little but successful project which never got the attention it deserved. It started without much noise and ended the same way.

Two people packing face shields at a table, different tools and machines in the background.

At the CADUS Crisis Response Makerspace, where normally sawdust flies and welders flash, since two days there are many boxes and cartons with plastic head bands and foils. These parts are parts of face shields that are distributed from here to medical facilities with respective needs since 10th of April.

Two lecturers teach medical staff in the hospital in al-Hol.

The financing of our hospital has been secured for the time being and we are continuing to train medical staff e.g. in terms of dealing with the treatment of burns, which we can treat as the only hospital in the camp.