Ukraine: CADUS-Team is deployed!

Since the beginning of the war, our teams have been supporting reconstruction efforts, providing rescue vehicles, materials and training, and medical care to the population in Ukraine.

Solidarity with all refugees and those affected by war!
Stop combat actions - protect human lives!

In our converted travel bus, patients can receive intensive medical care and be transported to safe hospitals. Photo: CADUS


CADUS is a non-profit and independent aid organisation with headquarters in Berlin and regional offices in Northern Iraq and Northeast Syria. In our projects we focus on innovation, sustainability, and the development of needs-based local capacities. We work where hardly any other aid organisations are active or where they have withdrawn. Cooperation with local partners is particularly important to us. Together we work on solutions; innovations are made available to the public.

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Two women sit across from each other on hospital beds. One woman wears a headscarf, jeans and a leather jacket and holds a patient form in her hand. The other wears a nikab.

Big changes are on the horizon at CADUS in 2023

The year 2022 was full of ups and downs - in the world, and also for us. The events have changed both us personally and CADUS. We want to tell you about this intense time and its consequences for our organization here. As one of the most profound changes, we will completely withdraw from the Middle East region.


Workshop at al-Hol

Despite the state of emergency in large parts of northern Syria due to the earthquake, our work in Camp Al Hol continues.


Trucks and vans standing on a dusty parking lot.

Earthquake response in Syria: Stand your ground!

The Kurdish Red Crescent is providing life-saving aid - and is repeatedly obstructed in doing so.