Vision & Mission

We provide medical and technical support where it is urgently needed. To save lives, alleviate suffering and prevent further hardship. Because everyone should have access to help when they need it. And also the opportunity to become independent by building up their own capacities. That’s why we work together with local partners to find creative, needs-oriented solutions. We share our knowledge through training and are committed to providing sustainable, respectful humanitarian aid.

Emergency response

Humanitarian emergency response must have access

CADUS provides medical and technical emergency aid, mobile and modular. Even where no one else helps. Because people who are in need – no matter where and for what reason – have a right to support.


Strong partnerships

CADUS relies on cooperation, training and interdisciplinary networks. Because sustainable humanitarian aid is only possible together with those affected by crises, war and disasters.


Humanitarian emergency response needs creativity

In the CADUS Crisis Response Makerspace, operational experience, ideas and the tools to implement them are right next to each other. Here we come up with creative solutions and share them according to the open-source principle.


The question of why

Understanding crises in order to overcome them: CADUS asks questions, creates publicity, stands up for those affected. It also takes a critical look at the field of humanitarian aid and its own actions.

Spende für unabhängige humanitäre Nothilfe

Deine Spende macht es möglich, dass wir unsere Ressourcen und Fähigkeiten dort einsetzen wo sie am dringendsten gebraucht werden.