Ambulances financed by CADUS standing in a parking lot of Heyva Sor, ready for deployment.
The ambulances transport injured people to hospitals, which are sometimes several hours away. And are therefore an important part of the rescue services.

Ambulances and food supplies – Your donations in action

Thanks to your donations, we have been able to continually supply emergency aid in northeastern Syria. A brief update.

Since the start of our call for donations for emergency relief in northeastern Syria, € 45.000 have been donated. With that money, we have been able to set up five ambulances and provide food packages for refugees on site.

During the attack of the Turkish army and their allies, our team provided assistance in the local hospitals. After our international team members were forced to withdraw from the region, our projects in Raqqa and al-Hol continue with our local colleagues.

Five ambulances for northeastern Syria

Thanks to your donations, we have been able to set up five emergency first aid camps together with our partner organization Heyva Sor and ensure funding for the camps and ambulance drivers for one month.

As a first mission, the rescue team of Heyva Sor drove to the hard-fought city of Sere Kaniye, to retrieve 30 seriously injured persons. Despite the official ceasefire, battles continued non-stop. For two days, the rescue team attempted to reach the city but they were not granted safe passage. Finally reaching the injured and bringing them safely to nearby hospitals was a major accomplishment. However, there are still a number of civilians in the city without electricity, water or food.

A convoy of ambulances waiting outside of Serekaniye to rescue the injured.

Food supplies for refugees

In addition to the ambulances, our team members on site are helping wherever they can. Thousands of people have arrived in Tal Tamr fleeing their embattled cities. The people are barely supplied with bread and water, which lead our local team members to start an effort to supply food packages for the refugees. By now however, Tal Tamr itself is dangerously close to the frontlines, prompting many local aid organizations to leave the area, leaving Heyva Sor as one of the few organizations left on site. Now more than ever, the work of our team members depend on external support.

Our local team members prepare food packages for the refugee families in Tal Tamr. © Heyva Sor

CADUS is deeply impressed with the work of our colleagues from Heyva Sor and we stand behind their demands:

  • End the aggressions
  • Safe access and passage for international humanitarian aid organizations in the region
  • International political efforts and support for the people in Northern Syria

Be part of our emergency efforts for the people in northeastern Syria with your donation.

Author: by Jonas Grünwald

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