First training of the Mobile Hospital for the new owners

On Thursday, May 24th, CADUS and the Kurdish Red Crescent joined together for the first training of the mobile hospital. About 15 Kurdish Red Crescent crew members joined the CADUS project coordinators, infield head of mission, and technician to learn about the operation of the mobile hospital which will soon be utilized in the field.

The CADUS-Crew is showing the Heyva Sor a Kurd/Kurdish Red Crescent-Crew how to unload the tents from the Trucks. Picture: CADUS

Crew members set up the inflatable tents that will serve as mobile operating theater, emergency triage, and other patient care areas. Medical crew members began setup of the operating theater equipment including anesthesia machine, two operating tables, ultrasound equipment, and electrocardiogram equipment.

Setting up of the tents for the Mobile Hospital. Picture: CADUS

The trucks, a green tent for the patient beds and a round surgery tent. Picture: CADUS

They were also able to look at the medical supplies pre-stocked in the mobile hospital including surgical equipment, equipment for minor procedures and wound care, and regular hospital supplies such as IV cannulas and oxygen equipment.

A lot of Input for the HSaK/KRC-Crew. Picture: CADUS

The CADUS technician taught the HSaK/KRC crew about the operation of the mobile hospital including running the generators, flood lights, air coolers, and keeping the mobile hospital trucks and trailers in good working condition. We are very happy about the excellent communication and understanding of HSaK/KRC.


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