PHNX goes CADUS ... but why?

18 months ago, when we first started, everything happened very quickly. The kid needed a name. We didn't waste a lot of time and thought, too much had to be done... events went head over heels. Anyway, content was more important than the cover. Who cares about the wrapping?We still put content over cover, of course. However, it didn't take long until we hit those limits that a young humanitarian aid organisation hits, when it doesn't have a clear concept about its public presence. With the only positive reference to your own name being the overworked “risen from the ashes”-mythology – apart from the fact that MacGyver too worked for the Phoenix Foundation – it was difficult to work longterm. And eventually we recognized that while content indeed prevails over cover, it is definitely the cover that assists when it comes to conveying the content.

At least if you want to leave an enduring impression. CADUS. Derived from thistle (lat. Carduus), also to be found growing in Rojava. Like its botanical role model, CADUS stands for resiliency, perseverence and the ability to bloom where war and destruction have become the center of human survival.Whether we can live up to that standard... remains to be seen. We already love our new name and design... even without MacGyver.

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