April 2019

A rescue bag is being packed for a deployment. ©Christoph Löffler

Press release: Treatment of displaced persons from ISIS territory: CADUS starts providing medical care at al-Hawl refugee camp

Berlin based relief organisation CADUS e.V. is supporting the construction of a field hospital in the al-Hawl refugee camp in the northeast of Syria. Medical care is one of the most pressing issues of the camp which is hopelessly crowded with over 75.000 people. One of the main reasons for the big number of people in the camp is the collapse of the „Islamic State“ (ISIS).


View in to a street of Bajed Kandala refugee camp, northern Iraq 2018

The defeated IS - is this really the end?

The Islamic State (IS) is defeated, that´s what you can read everywhere right now. With a lot of sacrifice, the people of Iraq and Syria have managed to disempower the terrorist organization. As joyous as the news is in the face of the IS's atrocities, it should not hide the fact that the region is facing massive problems. And that the danger is not banished.