July 2019

Overview over the camp from the roof of the field hospital. To the left some PHC stations from other organizations, to the right warehouses. In the middle the main road to the entrance.

Update from the field hospital

For several weeks, the field hospital in the al-Hol camp has opened. Time for an update.


Bei der Kundgebung vor dem Holzmarkt versammelten sich die Berliner*innen um ihre Solidarität auszudrücken. ©Holzmarkt/Eyecandy

Holzmarkt stays!

We have to digress some of the humanitarian aid: the Holzmarkt in Berlin is under threat. The last piece of alternative culture on the Spree houses many projects and organizations. Also us.


A medical case list with a stethoscope.

Triage - who to treat first?

"Medical help is given to the person who needs it most." But how is it decided who has the most need?