CADUS operates on two levels simultaneously:
Providing urgent emergency aid to people facing disasters. And especially for people in regions that are often forgotten.
That's why we go to areas that are hard to reach. To do so, it is important, for example, that we use jeeps and trucks that have four-wheel drive.
We need to be mobile and reach places without highways.

But we do even more: we share both knowledge and equipment. So that CADUS is not permanently needed in the same place.
But we, the civil society, are permanently needed. To achieve our common vision of a fair solidarity.
Do you want that too? Then donate now!


With your regular donation we can react fast and flexible on emergencies and plan our help in a long-term. In addition regular donations minimize our administrative expenses, since the cost of handling these donations is significantly lower than for a one-time donation.
Already 5 Euro per Month are an important contribution for our emergency help. For a regular donation you can use the form shown above or create an banker's order.

You want to strengthen global solidarity with bigger donations?
Please contact us directly. We are pleased to get into contact with you.

Donations please to:


Volksbank Berlin

IBAN DE55 1009 0000 2533 5240 04


If you have any questions regarding donations or if you need a donation receipt don´t hesitate to contact us:

You can scan the QR-Code with your online banking app to fill in the bank transfer automatically.