COVID-19 response: Masks for refugees

For a large donation of 1.5 million surgical masks, we organized the distribution to 20 humanitarian organizations across Europe that are active in the care of refugees.


In regular and irregular refugee camps at the external borders of Europe, a supply of masks to fight the pandemic is still not guaranteed. In order to get the donated masks exactly where they are needed most, we queried the needs of numerous organizations across Europe working in this field.

Strong network

With the support of the Hamburg soccer club St. Pauli, we repackaged the masks and the logistics organization humanilog took over the transport to the 30 organizations that will in turn distribute the masks to refugees.

A large part of the masks will be delivered to Greece, mainly to the islands near the European border. Other destinations include organizations in Serbia, Bosnia and Spain. These are exclusively non-profit, non-governmental, self-organized organizations. In part, they are initiatives by refugees for refugees.


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