Medical staff wanted for work in our projects

CADUS runs a field hospital in the IDP camp Al Hol in North-East Syria. Due to the current situation we do not have an international crew there at the moment, but the hospital is continued by our local staff. However, we hope to soon be able to support North East Syria as well as the Kurdish Region in Iraq (KR-I) with international medics again. On the one hand, this will involve direct medical work such as the performance of surgeries, on the other hand we plan to offer well-founded training on various topics. There is also the possibility that we will become active again in other regions of the world.

Even if there is currently no opportunity for deployment: please register in our crew database if you are interested in joining us in the near future: https://cadus.f4.htw-berlin.de/

Please note the following information for entering into the database: In the first step you will only receive a login link (also check the spam folder!), which will lead you to the web form of our database. Only when you have filled out the form completely, your application has been received by us. The web form works best with the Google Chrome browser, with others it unfortunately sometimes does not save correctly. If you have any questions, please contact us at crewing@cadus.org. If you are unsure whether your data has been saved correctly by the website, follow the login link again. If you can then see your data, we can see it too! You can also change your entry or delete your profile altogether.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your support!

Medical support for Berlin team and EMT

We are looking for nurses, paramedics, doctors, and pharmacists who like to be involved with CADUS on a long-term level.

In Berlin we are looking for support for the following activities amongst other things:

  • planning missions
  • organizing courses and talks
  • maintaining the e-learning project
  • writing SOPs (standard operation procedures)
  • taking care of materials and equipment
  • establishment of an Emergency Medical Team according to WHO standard

For most levels of knowledge and specialization there is a task!
We offer cooperation with amazing people, learning from each other in our makerspace and in the office, and an insight into the challenging aspects of humanitarian work.

Write us: medics@cadus.org
We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Your donation for CADUS

For our projects we use economical, but smart and longliving solutions, a big network of active supporters and DIY. Nevertheless the success of our projects depends on financial ressources too. Help us to gain the maximum effectivity and donate for CADUS via Betterplace.

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