Volunteer Crewmembers for our Ukraine Projects

As part of the Emergency Response, we are active in Ukraine with various projects. Our Emergency Medical Team carries out medical evacuations to safer areas and works to build long-term local transport networks for medical patients. In addition, the Mobile Crisis Response Makerspace team is involved in rebuilding social infrastructure in collaboration with local NGOs. We are looking for mission personnel from the following areas:


  • Physicians with additional qualification in emergency medicine, preferably anesthetists and internists
  • Health and (pediatric) nurses, preferably with experience in intensive care medicine
  • Critical Care Paramedics, Paramedics or experienced Emergency Medical Technicians


  • Craftsmen and Craftswomen, preferably for the fields of mechatronics, mechanics, electrics, electronics and heating and sanitary engineering


  • Field Media Coordinator for direct reporting from Ukraine and media monitoring of projects


  • Fluent English, as our assignment language is English
  • Availability of at least 16 days (in the run-up to the assignment, participation in 4 online briefings, which take place on fixed dates in the evening, is mandatory)
  • High degree of team spirit and acceptance of the existing assignment structures
  • Immunization status: full Covid-19 (currently three immunizations),
  • Regular vaccinations for medical staff (detailed list will be provided during the recruitment process).
  • Passport valid for another 6 months at the time of arrival
  • For medical professionals: professional experience in your field of expertise of at least two years
  • An already completed Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) is an advantage
  • Residence in / travel from the European continent is an advantage


If you want to join us on the mission to Ukraine, please subscribe to our database using the button below. If you have any questions regarding the mission just contact us at ukraine-response@cadus.org
We look forward to receiving your application and will try to review all applications as soon as possible and get back to you accordingly. If you have the feeling that you are waiting too long for a response, do not hesitate to contact us.

Medical Support for Berlin Team

Medical support for Berlin team and EMT

We are looking for nurses, paramedics, doctors, and pharmacists who like to be involved with CADUS on a long-term basis.

In Berlin we are looking for support for the following activities amongst other things:

  • planning and supporting missions
  • organizing courses and talks
  • maintaining the e-learning project
  • writing SOPs (standard operation procedures)
  • taking care of materials and equipment
  • establishment of an Emergency Medical Team according to WHO standard

For most levels of knowledge and specialization there is a task!
We offer cooperation with amazing people, learning from each other at our office and makerspace, and an insight into the challenging aspects of humanitarian work.

Write us: medics@cadus.org
We're looking forward to hearing from you!