Mobile hospital

CADUS is building a mobile hospital. Mobile, because those regions in northern Syria and Iraq, where people have to fight the IS, are still populated and the battled front is shifting constantly. Areas liberated from IS, have no functional infrastructure, especially no medical one.

It is not without risk to establish in-patient health care services here. Should the battle front shift again, chances are high that everything falls into the wrong hands and is destroyed by the IS.

That is why we chose the concept of a mobile hospital. Based on concepts related to disaster relief, we will provide 4-wheel-drive vehicles equipped with a hospital, including diagnostic and surgery as well as 10 “in-patient” treatment places.

Apart from covering regions where currently no health care is available, the mobile hospital will also be utilized to train medical assistants and nurses as part of our courses with Heyva Sor a Kurd.

You can find more informations about the mobile hospital and a possibilitie for donating at our campaign website. 

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