CADUS publishes reports on its own activities, contributes to specialist publications, gives lectures and participates in public discussions.

We provide concepts, innovation and information material free of charge.

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At CADUS, we use our experience, knowledge and data gained in the field to engage in research and innovation. As part of our primarily medical work, we can use data collected in accordance with data protection regulations to make statements about the development and progression of illnesses and injuries in emergency situations. Thanks to our specialized deployment teams, we also gain access to places where hardly any organizations work. We use the knowledge and experience gained to contribute to specialist publications and take part in debates.


It is important to us not only to provide help where it is urgently needed, but also to continually reflect critically on humanitarian practice. That is why we have launched the “Debate” lecture series. We streamed the discussion event, which initially took place live in the CADUS Crisis Response Makerspace, as an online format via during the COVID19 pandemic. You can watch the episodes here:

CADUS Debate
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Contributions of all kinds on our YouTube channel:

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