Professional training and education

CADUS is involved in a wide range of training activities. Our emergency personnel, and those who want to become one, can train with us and acquire specific specialist knowledge.

Internationally, we offer training in crisis regions so that the civilian population and medical staff can react optimally to acute emergency situations.

The CADUS mission in Ukraine has two specific objectives. On the one hand, the aim is to address the immediate suffering caused by the Russian attack on Ukraine, and on the other hand, the focus is on sustainably strengthening the Ukrainian civilian population for a time after the war.

We pursue the second goal in particular through our medical training courses in the country. To this end, CADUS is collaborating with Ukrainian volunteers, non-governmental organizations and first responders to identify areas where there were either gaps in existing medical education or where new educational needs have arisen as a result of the invasion. Once these needs are identified, we work with our partners to develop compelling, needs-based courses that provide practical knowledge and skills. Through this approach, we help others to immediately use their acquired knowledge to support those most affected by the consequences of war and provide life-saving emergency aid.


Our educational library is constantly being developed to meet the needs of the local population. We currently offer four different courses, with more in the pipeline. These courses are tailored to the specific needs of our target groups, regardless of whether they are laypersons or medical professionals.

In order to further increase sustainability and build long-term viable structures, we are also working with our partner organizations to establish a Ukraine-wide network for training in the medical field.

In this article we report on our training courses in Ukraine.