CADUS is a charitable and independent aid organisation. We initiate innovative and sustainable projects focussing on need-based capacity building to help people help themselves. Our team develops projects based on their variegated professional experiences and competences within different lines of work. The interdisciplinary and European wide cooperation with several partners and the consideration of social, sustainable and ecological aspects is understood as a matter of course.
Effective teamwork, interdisciplinary and critical reflection of established NGO-practice, as well as the early involvement of the local communities are central values for CADUS.

The board of the registered non-profit association CADUS e.V. is held by Simone Schrempf, Anna Sauerwein and Matthias Grott. Senior management is staffed with two Co-Chairs: Dr. Corinna Schäfer and Sebastian Jünemann.

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Annual Reports


How did our projects went over the years, how much donations did we got,
how we used them and what else was going on at CADUS?
You can find all answers in our annual reports.