Balkan Response – getting closer towards our Bosnia Response, putting Lesvos on hold

We finished our preparations for our mission in Bosnia. Disillusionment with our returned team from Lesbos at the same time.

We reached the final phase of getting ready for Bosnia-Herzegowina. By the end of today our first team will be on their way to the Balkans. We worked day and night in our workshop to complete the fitting our first two (medical) vehicles. Once we send them on their way to Sarajevo we will continue with a third vehicle which will be transofrmed into a mobile shower facility. This will enable us to provide warm showers for refugees without access to santiory facilities.

Meanwhile, our first team came back from Lesvos. Our small team left ten day ago to do a first assessment and start privoding medical support to the people arriving at the north shore of the Greek island. Unfortunately, our team found themselves in a very different working environment than we expected. The conditions found on ground force us to reassess our planned activities and discuss different aspects with respect to our principles and values. You will hear more from us regarding this soon.

In order to avoid any disadvantage to the people arriving in Greece, we did not just stop our activites. We will financially support the work of a local nurse who already covered the medical response in the last weeks and months, so she can continue with this work for another month.

Right now we are discussing possible solutions, and are at the same time looking for organizations who may be able to take over the medical care in the north of Lesvos instead of us. Within the next days we will inform you about how we will continue, and also about our stance towards the complex situation on ground.

Author: by Jonas Grünwald

By CadusPR

  • 18 months ago, when we first started, everything happened very quickly. The kid needed a name. We didn't waste a lot of time and thought, too much had to be done... events went head over heels. Anyway, content was more important than the cover. 

    Published On: August 29th, 2015
  • Die zeitgleich geführten Offensiven verschiedener kurdischer Kampfverbände auf beiden Seiten der syrisch-irakischen Grenze sind vorerst abgeschlossen, beziehungsweise weit genug von unseren üblichen Einsatzorten entfernt. Das hieß für uns, dass sich das nächste Medic-Team letzte Woche auf den Weg machen konnte.

    Published On: February 14th, 2016
  • Die Ereignisse in Paris haben auch uns am Wochenende wieder sprachlos zurückgelassen. Ebenso wie die Anschläge in Beirut, Baghdad, im Yemen, in Taiz, in Mokha, in Nairobi; und diese Liste ist nicht abschließend.

    Published On: February 14th, 2016

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