A welcome sign on a fence from a refugee camp at Lesvos
A rather cynical sign considering the situation on the island. ©CADUS

Leave No One Behind

The corona virus is a challenge for all of us. But for refugees in the overcrowded camps on the Greek islands, the risk of an outbreak is far greater.

The news about Corona has been so overwhelming lately that other topics seem to have moved into far distance.
While we are increasingly feeling the effects of insecurity, restricted mobility, existential fears and the concern for family and friends in the last few days, the people in the hopelessly overcrowded camps on the Greek islands have known this for a long time.
By now the inhuman conditions, especially in the notorious camp Moria on Lesbos, should be widely known. The sad climax of the last few days was the outbreak of a fire that claimed a child as its victim.

Even CADUS has already reported about it in 2016, when one of our teams witnessed protests of the camp inhabitants against the miserable camp conditions.
Nevertheless the people and their concerns continue to be ignored by the European states. Much more the reception of refugees is suspended, the basic right to asylum is suspended, while deportations continue and German citizens are brought home from all corners of the world at state expense.

We should not leave this injustice unchallenged. We must ask ourselves whether we want to live in a society where human rights are played off against each other - especially in times of Corona.

For the closure of the camps in the Greek Aegean islands and for a dignified accommodation of all refugees in the European states!

Author: by Jonas Grünwald

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