An ambulace from CADUS in front of a truck from Heyva Sor at Tal Tamr.
Heyva Sor and CADUS - Cooperate for the people in northeastern Syria. ©CADUS

Tal Tamr - medical care under fire

Tal Tamr Hospital is an important drop-in center for diseased and injured persons in the region – even more so during the ongoing Turkish assaults. Therefore we support our partner organization Heyva Sor and participate in the funding of the hospital's operation cost.

For a long time, Tal Tamr in northeast Syria used to be the city our international teams chose to live, a safe place to retreat to after work in the combat zone. Tal Tamr meant rest and closing time. It also used to be an important medical point for the region of northeastern Syria. The local hospital was capable of performing complicated surgery, and many patients with severe conditions were brought there from all over the region. Meanwhile, the city is situated right at the front, where Turkish forces and jihadist militia are leading a war of aggression in violation of the law of nations.

What does that mean for Tal Tamr?

Whilst there is ongoing imminent risk the city has to be evacuated, operations at the hospital are being maintained, and our local partner organization Heyva Sor a Kurd makes incredible accomplishment. The hospital keeps performing larger surgical procedures, as well as vitally important caesarean sections. The emergency department remains open 24/7 since the battles have come close to the city. However, and due to the extremely tense security situation, it has become impossible to provide post-operative patient care in Tal Tamr any longer. Patients therefore must be transfered to other institutions, e. g. at Hasseke. Moreover, since remaining in Tal Tamr after their shifts has become too risky for the medical teams, further logistic transport tasks need to be taken care of. All of this sums up to a much more complex challenge for our partner organization, as well as for ourselves.

Our Support at Tal Tamr

We support our friends at HSaK in the best ways possible. At this point, we still provide 5 ambulances to help with patient transportation from the combat zone to the hospital, as well as to other facilities.

We also provide the funding for the hospital's power generators and electricity supply, for patient meals, and for the local logistics professional who keeps the hospital running. Moreover, we provide the daily transport capacity for the medical teams to Tal Tamr hospital and back.

We are happy that your support enables us to keep funding and strengthening this extremely important medical resource. Yet we still depend on your donations, as they are a prerequisite to continuing our work, and to keep extending our support to our friends at HSaK.

Author: by Jonas Grünwald

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