We arrived in Mosul just in time

“It’s going to take a long time, it’s going to be hard and all Trauma Stabilization Points (TSPs) will reach their limits. So as the fourth TSP we arrived just in time and are in a good position regarding staff and material” Kris sums up, who is in Mosul for CADUS at the moment.

At the beginning of the week our trucks and crew finally arrived in West Mosul. Due to safety protocols our teams cannot work in tents so near to the combat operations, so the crew built up the TSP in an empty building. Our truck and the defender are standing in front of the house while the TSP is located in the lower part of the building. At ground-level we also built up a decontamination- station for treating people injured by toxic substances.

“Especially in the evening and morning hours people flee from the disputed streets. At the moment the crowd is manageable. As soon as the historic district is attacked, where 80 000-100 000 people still remain, the situation will change dramatically and we expect many injured. This is going to be a major challenge. But I am sure that with our institution which we represent and the know-how we bring along we can turn a lot to good.” Kris says.

As you can see: We are there so that the war in Mosul will claim as few civil victims as possible.

The team is preparing the TSP. Photo: CADUS

A patient is treated by the CADUS-Team. Photo: CADUS

This is linked to very high costs. At the moment we calculate with about 25 000 Euro per month to keep the TSP working. Medication,  bandaging material and other medical supplies, flights and insurances for our volunteer doctors, paramedics and technicians as well as infrastructure costs like fuel for the generators and catering for the crew all need to be covered.

Support us with your donation, so that we can efficiently treat injured people in Mossul.


*Trauma Stabilization Point (TSP): A trauma is a medical condition where living tissue is being harmed, injured or wounded by any violent impact. A TSP is a place near the front line where patients with these kinds of injuries can go to receive treatment and be prepared for transport to a safe hospital. 

Author: by Jonas Grünwald

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