June 2017

Between lust for life and war

"People are celebrating in order to forget and enjoying life because many know that these moments are fleeting. Perhaps they also try to push away the fact that, with all the security and quality of life there is now, Erbil would almost have suffered the same fate as Mosul in 2014."

Kris, Head of Mission in Erbil, is reporting about the heavy contrast between Erbil and Mosul.


New team - challenging start

As things progress in Mosul we’ve had to replace most of our team in the area. Our three new arrivals couldn't have a more challenging start. Shortly after their arrival the IS began attacking liberated parts of Mosul. Our team continued their work despite the barrage of recent destruction and bloodshed, earning our deep thanks and respect.
Here the first report by Elisa and Stefan:


Last TSP standing!

"The last days were incredibly exhausting for the whole team. The influx of patients continues unabated. I'm almost surprised about this, 'cause the number of patients is much higher than another TSP has told us in advance. Daily, far more than 30 seriously injured people, civilians and combatants arrive here. Often the awaited help is too late, they're practically dying while arriving." The situation in Mosul is still dramatic. Sebastian with an urgently report from our Trauma Stabilization Point in the contested city.


Safety issues in a warzone

How the injured come to us? What is an CCP? And how we are protected in the place?
Seb with another article from our Trauma Stabilization Point in Mosul.


In the heat of the night

Our CEO Sebastian with a little report about his experiences in Mosul:
“Another night shift is over for the CADUS team in our Mosul TSP. After the breaking of the fast, when it's getting dark and temperature is falling a little bit, gunfights are starting again. It's almost certain that there will be another high influx of patients during the night."


We arrived in Mosul just in time

“It’s going to take a long time, it’s going to be hard and all Trauma Stabilization Points (TSPs) will reach their limits. So as the fourth TSP we arrived just in time and are in a good position regarding staff and material” Kris sums up, who is in Mosul for CADUS at the moment.