October 2019

Ambulances financed by CADUS standing in a parking lot of Heyva Sor, ready for deployment.

Ambulances and food supplies – Your donations in action

Thanks to your donations, we have been able to continually supply emergency aid in northeastern Syria. A brief update.


Fee from Heyva Sor and Verena from CADUS in Erbil after the withdrawal form Northeastsyria. (still-image)

Without access, but not idle.

Verena from CADUS and Fee from Heyva Sor with a video statement: since yesterday, all organizations have withdrawn their international teams from northern Syria/Rojava due to the arrival of Syrian government forces. We also had to leave behind our friends and colleagues. Our projects are ongoing and we are working hard to regain access.


Humanitarian Empowerment - Against the Turkish attack in the northern Syrian territories!

Erdogan´s war or how to destroy progress

It´s happening, the long feared invasion of Turkey is taking place.
As a humanitarian aid organisation, the principle of neutrality requires us not to take a stand in conflicts. But what we can do is talk about facts.