July 2020

A collage from pictures of face shield users.

network face shield: an interim report

When the pandemic really started, we at CADUS were faced with a situation that was unusual for our circumstances: a crisis right on our doorstep, for which there were hardly any recommendations for action in the world of humanitarian aid that we could have based on. Through our Crisis Response Makerspace we were connected to exactly the people who are needed in such a situation.


Two women cleaning the patient room of the field hospital at al-Hawl thoroughly as measure against the Corona virus.

One year field hospital al-Hawl

One year ago, together with our local partners from the Kurdish Red Crescent, we opened the field hospital in Al Hol, a refugee camp in northeastern Syria. We are looking back at an eventful year for us, our employees and our partners.


The front page of an empty newspaper.

Northeast Syria: Public Relations done sensitively

Part of the essential public relations work of an organization that depends on donations is to report regularly on its own work. Nevertheless, we report comparatively little about our work in Northeast Syria. What are the reasons for our hesitation, which sometimes leads to smoking heads in our PR department?