November 2020

Every illness has a history: Our medics talk about the camp on Lesvos

For almost four weeks we have been daily treating the inhabitants of the camp Kara Tepe 2 on Lesvos. Through medical access, we gain an insight into life in the camp. Many clinical pictures repeat themselves again and again. They are probably directly related to the current living conditions there, and range from frequent back problems, due to sleeping on the tent floor, to serious psychological problems.


The crew talks about their work in Lesvos: "A lot of people are overwhelmed and powerless"

Two members of our crew, who've been in the camp Kara Tepe 2 talk about the time they spent there. Rebekka (doctor) and Lamin (paramedic) give an account of what it's like to do medical work in a refugee camp. They talk about what frustrated them the most and the new impressions they gained.