October 2023

A group photo in a building. Several graduates of a course are standing and sitting in two rows, happily holding their certificates. Two course instructors stand in the middle of the women.

Each one teach one - medical trainings in Ukraine

Shortly after our first missions in Ukraine, the need for medical training in particular became obvious on the ground. In addition to the numerous medical novices from the population, who suddenly had to and wanted to treat injured people in times of war, specialists also asked for support in this also medically challenging situation. With eight courses and over 1500 participants:inside in over 11 cities in Ukraine, we have been able to establish a professional training program.


Escalation Israel - Gaza*

CADUS reports readiness to WHO: Following the brutal Hamas attack on Israel and the dramatic deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Gaza as a result of the Israeli counter-offensive, WHO has requested the operational readiness of humanitarian organizations through the Emergency Medical Team (EMT) mechanism. CADUS has responded positively to this request.