Lined up helmets and protective vests of our paramedic team in Hawijah, Iraq 2017.

The Geneva Conventions celebrate 70th anniversary. Increasingly the four agreements, which can´t be overestimated in their importance, are losing importance.


Overview over the camp from the roof of the field hospital. To the left some PHC stations from other organizations, to the right warehouses. In the middle the main road to the entrance.

For several weeks, the field hospital in the al-Hol camp has opened. Time for an update.


Bei der Kundgebung vor dem Holzmarkt versammelten sich die Berliner*innen um ihre Solidarität auszudrücken. ©Holzmarkt/Eyecandy

We have to digress some of the humanitarian aid: the Holzmarkt in Berlin is under threat. The last piece of alternative culture on the Spree houses many projects and organizations. Also us.


A medical case list with a stethoscope.

"Medical help is given to the person who needs it most." But how is it decided who has the most need?


A rescue bag is being packed for a deployment. ©Christoph Löffler

Berlin based relief organisation CADUS e.V. is supporting the construction of a field hospital in the al-Hawl refugee camp in the northeast of Syria. Medical care is one of the most pressing issues of the camp which is hopelessly crowded with over 75.000 people. One of the main reasons for the big number of people in the camp is the collapse of the „Islamic State“ (ISIS).


View in to a street of Bajed Kandala refugee camp, northern Iraq 2018

The Islamic State (IS) is defeated, that´s what you can read everywhere right now. With a lot of sacrifice, the people of Iraq and Syria have managed to disempower the terrorist organization. As joyous as the news is in the face of the IS's atrocities, it should not hide the fact that the region is facing massive problems. And that the danger is not banished.


Das Cadus-Team belädt ein Einsatzfahrzeug in Sarajevo 2019 ©Christian Vagt

Our mission in Sarajevo Bosnia ended after four months. We helped hundreds of people and with your support, we were able to perform over 2600 treatments.


Overview of a street in Raqqa in December 2018

Good news for our projects in Rojava, Northern Syria. Funding for the medical care station in Raqqa was extended and our proposal to furnish a Trauma Stabilization Point including training for local personnel was granted. This way, we can create medical capabilities in preparation of possible new fights breaking out.


Blick über das nächtliche Sarajevo, Winter 2019 ©Oliver Wolff

An Update about the work of CADUS and the current situation in Sarajevo from Adrian, our Head of Mission for the Emergency Response Bosnia.


In the last week news broke of Croatian police finally being caught red handed during illegal push-backs and violence against refugees. We spoke with Celestine*, from Cameroon, to gather his testimony from an illegal push back that occurred end of October this year on the Bosnian-Croat border near the village of Kladusa. Here are excerpts from the Testimony.

Roman Kutzowitz