COVID-19 Response: Face Visors

Right at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, we joined forces with various open workshops in Brandenburg and Berlin and set up a logistics center at the CADUS Crisis Response Makerspace to coordinate the regional distribution of face visors.

Successful cooperation with the Makerspace network

In March 2020 CADUS was confronted with the unusual situation of receiving numerous requests for help for a crisis situation in which we ourselves were in the middle of and for which there were hardly any recommendations for action in the world of humanitarian aid. The necessary spirit of innovation, flexibility and suitable production capacities were abundantly available in the network of Makerspaces in Brandenburg and Berlin. In a decentralized production process, which was continuously optimized through constant exchange among each other, 25.000 face visors could be produced.

Logistics center at the CADUS Makerspace

At CADUS, the requests from facilities for healthcare, for refugees, and from other central service providers converged. We prioritized the distribution of visors, established a courier system and distributed them together with the provisional masks from in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Visors for Brazil

Through our cooperation with Makerspaces on a global level through the GIG network, we came into contact with indigenous organizations in Brazil, who also reported to us about their need for face visors. The planned shipment could not be realized because COVID-19 has complicated international logistics tremendously. But with our initiative we at least gave the impulse for the establishment of a local production by GIG, and supported it with a small financial donation.

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