Deployment area Pakistan

Support for Kabul Airbridge

In Pakistan, we are supporting the Kabul Airbridge organization with a hygiene concept and medical support. The evacuees from Afghanistan are waiting there for their papers to enter Germany.

Course of the project:
At the beginning of February 2022, one of our medics flew to Islamabad to support the Kabul Airbridge team. Kabul Airbridge is a civilian organization that has been working since the Taliban takeover in August 2021 to evacuate vulnerable people from Afghanistan and help them apply for asylum. The evacuees are first flown from Kabul to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, where they wait for the necessary papers for their onward journey.

The coronavirus was widespread in Islamabad during this period, and at the same time few countermeasures were taken. To ensure that those waiting in Islamabad do not become infected with COVID-19, our medic carried out tests and set up a hygiene concept for the organization on site.