Deployment area Paqua New Guinea

EMT deployment in Papua New Guinea

A team of ten CADUS medics supported the local healthcare system in Papua New Guinea with a “shadowing” mission in the fight against COVID-19. The Delta variant recently caused a lot of problems there.

Course of the project:
Due to the difficult pandemic situation, the government of Papua New Guinea asked the WHO EMT structure for medical support at the end of 2021. CADUS responded to the request and sent nine medics and a Head of Mission to Papua New Guinea. The team spent three weeks there at Nonga Hospital and the surrounding area in the East New Britain region. As a shadowing mission, the main focus was on passing on expert knowledge that the doctors had been able to acquire in the two previous years in Germany while treating coronavirus patients.

Our doctors observed everyday hospital life and local processes in order to improve them in collaboration with their Papua New Guinean colleagues. Although the shortage of staff and resources in the local healthcare system was a major challenge, a great deal has already been achieved with relatively few resources. The team provided training on patient positioning, triaging, hygiene and protective clothing for staff. An existing CPAP ventilator could also be converted and used for ventilating patients with appropriate training.

In collaboration with their local colleagues, our team succeeded in having the most sustainable and positive effect possible on processes and everyday hospital life in a relatively short period of time.