Workshop at al-Hol

Despite the state of emergency in large parts of northern Syria due to the earthquake, our work in Camp Al Hol continues.

For CADUS and KRC staff, we conducted a “People First Impact Method” (P-FIM)-workshop. Together we listened to the voices of the community of Al Hol to evaluate our impact and improve our work.

View over the camp of al-Hol. Photo: CADUS

After this intense but successful training, we can fully endorse its essence: “We cannot add value unless we know the existing value. We cannot know the existing value unless people tell us. People will not tell us unless they trust us. They will not trust us unless we know how to listen and engage."

These are important steps to fulfill one of our objectives: cooperating with local partners, and, where possible, involving the addressees of our humanitarian work in all phases of a project.

Author: by Jonas Grünwald

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