Mobile Primary Health Care – PHC

Thanks to hundreds of hours of work by many volunteers, we have turned an old four-wheel drive truck into a mobile clinic for people in the eastern rural areas of Ukraine.

The clinic, also known as the primary healthcare unit (PHC unit), is supposed to cover all basic healthcare needs. In other words, what we get in a GP practice in Germany: Help with back pain, high blood pressure, chronic illnesses, the flu and everything else we turn to the first call in case of health problems. All this now on four wheels. As self-sufficient as possible. All-terrain. In as little space as possible. Easy.

In hundreds of donated hours of work, often late into the night, the many volunteers checked the truck, removed its old core, insulated it, reworked the electrics, boarded it up, renewed the floor and made various special fittings. Thanks to the solar system and sophisticated power planning on board, the vehicle is self-sufficient during patient treatment.

In February 2023, the mobile PHC was handed over to a local organization in eastern Ukraine and has been in use there ever since.

CADUS Moblie PHC Ukraine 2023
CADUS Moblie PHC Ukraine 2023